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Classic Bangle Bracelet Made from Recycled Skateboards


"We are a crew of lady skateboarders who recycle skateboards using traditional power tools and some good old fashioned elbow grease. We are fueled by our love for skateboarding and inspired by the beauty in the boards themselves."

MapleXO has been recycling skateboards into jewelry for over a decade. Having pioneered a niche industry turning would-be waste into brand new products, MapleXO's mission has saved thousands of skateboards from landfills with each piece telling its own unique story. Their goal is to give back to skateboarding by reducing its carbon footprint and helping old boards live on forever.

MapleXO's Classic Bangle is one of their original and most popular products. It highlights the graphic along with the inner plies of the skateboard. Just like all of their jewelry, each bangle is one of a kind and carries the story of the boards previous life.

Material: skateboards. Size: 3” x 3” - small fit.

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