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Appalachian White Oak Basket Making

Appalachian White Oak Basket Making


In an era when baskets served as basic containers for gathering, transporting, and storing goods, many settlers in the Central and Southern Appalachian mountain region found white oak the best material for basketmaking. This book surveys the varied forms and techniques that evolved as basketmakers selected, prepared, and wove this wood. 

The authors display special appreciation of white oak basketry as an important dimension of regional material culture. Drawing on extensive fieldwork, including interviews with traditional basketmakers in the Central Appalachian region, Rachel Law and Cynthia Taylor establish a framework for classifying, comparing and identifying Appalachian basketry forms. In demonstrating how details of basket construction, technique, and style can be linked to specific makers, regions, and ethnic traditions, the authors have created a resource essential for cultural historians, collectors and craftspeople. 

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