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Mel Ramos: The Definitive Catalogue

Mel Ramos: The Definitive Catalogue


A complete documentation of pop protagonist Mel Ramos’ printed works on paper.

Richly illustrated in color, Mel Ramos: The Definitive Catalogue Raisonné of Original Prints includes two essays by art historians and curators Claire Breukel and Jeanette Zwingenberger, who analyze Ramos’ lifelong artistic engagement with the female nude.

From a very early stage in his artistic career, Mel Ramos (1935–2018) explored printed editions as part of his oeuvre. The earliest of these were still in an abstract expressionist idiom, but the artist began engaging with the medium in earnest in the mid-1960s, as the pop style for which he is famed took shape. Pop art’s inspiration in consumer goods and mass media naturally led to experiments with commercial printing methods such as silk-screening, and Ramos was one of its foremost practitioners.

This catalog is an invaluable resource for researchers, collectors and aficionados alike.

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