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One And One Is Four: The Bauhaus Photocollages of Joseph Albers

During an extraordinary career that originated at the Bauhaus, Josef Albers (1888-1976) achieved acclaim for his work across a range of mediums, from glassworks and furniture design to printmaking and painting. Yet Albers's engagement with modernist photography remained largely hidden until after his death, and it is only now that all of the unique photocollages the artist produced at the famed art school- before he fled Nazi Germany for the United States- have been published together, many for the first time.

One and One Is Four: The Bauhaus Photocollages of Josef Albers reveals an artist at once playful and restrained, personal and enigmatic. The publication features essays that consider Albers's photocollages as remarkable contributions to the medium, survey photocollages by Albers's fellow Bauhä usler, and examine the artist's materials to suggest new insights into these works, the discovery of which has been celebrated as one of the great art finds of the past century. Hardcover. 120 illus. Pages: 140

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