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Ennead: Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Ennead: Frank Sinatra School of the Arts


This is one in a series of books, each of which tells the story of a single building.  It is our hope that as these books accumulate alongside our body of work, they, in their aggregate, will form a profile of our design intentions.  -Ennead Architects


How to capture the energy and aura of Frank Sinatra in the design of a new school for the visual and performing arts?  I could only imagine a building that itself would actively perform as an urban set piece, a dynamic new center for the arts and an inspirational setting for the generations of students to come.  The vital role of performance and communication in the curriculum suggested a public stage on which to showcase the inner-workings of the school and project them outward to the community.  On the inside, a choreographed sequence of spaces that would inspire a creative community of students to take a memorable journey.  The school, a public/private collaboration between the City of New York and Exploring the Arts, realizes Tony Bennett's and his wife Susan Benedetto's long-held dream to create a new public high school for the arts in Tony's hometown.  Inspired by their vision for the school and to symbolize his great friendship with Frank Sinatra, we have endeavored to create a building that brings a little bit of Times Square to the intersection of 35th Avenue and 36th Street in Astoria, Queens.

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