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Original Me By Erika Busse


Original Me is a colorful kid's book that would be perfect for bedtime stories or for early readers. It is a book to empower little ones to be their Original self! The world needs them!

It is a story about a person's journey of self-discovery. Their friend, a pencil, fulfills their every wish to be something other than what they were meant to be. The tale takes the reader on a colorful adventure with a delightful rhyming tale to discover that she was perfect just the way she was.

Erika Busse an award-winning illustrator and artist living in Asheville, North Carolina. She has over 6 years of professional experience illustrating books; having helped layout, design, and publish 15 books so far! Working primarily with watercolor, pen and ink, and digital mediums, she has a style uniquely her own.
Erika is a graduate of the University of Alabama, with degrees in business and fine arts. You can find her working at home with her chief designer, Gypsy the cat.
She loves what she does, and is so grateful to share art with the world. 
Erika hopes her art brings joy and whimsy to the world, inspiring people of all ages to create something that expresses their own beauty.

Hardcover, 9"x11", 36 pages. Signed by author. 

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