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Indigenous Land Sticker by Jakeli Swimmer

Indigenous Land Sticker by Jakeli Swimmer

Jakeli Swimmer is an Indigenous graphic designer and cartoonist from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, EBCI. He is the creator of the satirical observational and humorous cartoon series called “Around the Boundary” which has had a steady following on social media among both Native and non-Native people.

Swimmer’s cartoons derive from personal & everyday life as well as observations and conversations within and throughout the Native community. Swimmer believes his artistic approach through cartoons allow for the inclusion of feelings, interpretations, and expressions that in turn bring needed dialogue, critical thought, acknowledgement or understanding and at times, most importantly, laughter. His references often involve racial and stereotypical Native cartoon characters, but he believes by reclaiming these characters with accurate and contemporary portrayals along with factual/cultural significant activities the true Native representation will be seen and more importantly heard. 

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