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Handcrafted Cork Covered Sketchbook


This handmade book is made entirely from vegan friendly materials, including a natural cork material for the cover. This book features 192 pages of 70lb/120gsm artist quality paper and can be used as artist sketchbook, journal or notebook. 

Size: 5"x7"

•Cork fabric is a thin and super lightweight (yet very durable!) material that is completely vegan.
•Cork is considered an eco-friendly and sustainable material since it's obtained by harvesting the bark of the cork oak tree- a tree which isn't harmed at all from having the bark removed. In fact, the tree will continue to grow and can be harvested for more cork later on. AND, when the bark of a cork oak tree in removed, it actually absorbs as much as five times more Co2 from the air, which is great for our atmosphere.
•Cork fabric is also wear resistant and does not show scratches or wear marks very easily.

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