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Carolina Pratt Unit Blocks Wooden Mini Car

Carolina Pratt Unit Blocks Wooden Mini Car


Safe for ages 6 months and up. Completely free of paints, finishes, borates, pesticides, and fungicides commonly added to competitor wooden toy products.

Our wooden block play vehicles are made of durable, smoothly sanded, uncoated Hard Rock Maple, the wood of choice for infant teethers and wooden blocks. Hard Maple (Hard Rock Maple) is the same species of maple that produces maple syrup. It's naturally insect and mold resistant and perfectly safe for little hands and little mouths.

Both the body and the wheels of each vehicle are made from Hard Rock Maple. The oak axles are glued in place with Titebond II® wood glue which is FDA approved for indirect food contact (i.e., cutting boards). Each wooden toy vehicle measures about 2.5 inches long.

These wooden block vehicles are lovingly made from our own Hard Maple Standard Unit Blocks based on the original and current standard unit block sizes and shapes invented by Caroline Pratt and used in quality preschools and primary schools worldwide.

We use 100% Hard Rock Maple. Hand-Made in the USA on demand from Custom Milled FSC®-Certified Hard Rock Maple when your order is received.

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