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Adam Void Cattle Brands Zine

Adam Void Cattle Brands Zine


first edition of 100, hand numbered
4 page black and white minizine on ivory paper - 4.25" x 5.5"

design & production : ADAM VOID - 2024
Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

Another minizine? On recent calculation, this is the 32nd one of these from Adam Void since 2009.


Cattle Brands focuses in on the "pyroglyphics" of the American and Mexican West. Cattle ranchers would bend metal into unique combinations of letters and numbers, registered with the copyright and trademark divisions, heat that metal red-hot and burn the left shank of their livestock. The process has connections with contemporary taggers through markmaking, the need for individuality, and the twisting of letter styles. All those conceptual connections aside, we hope that this zine can directly inspire new graffiti letterforms. Will we see "rocking", "lazy", "swinging", or "running" letters on the streets? Cattle brands connect to hobo signs. They resemble monikers. They feel like antistyle. They feel old and new at the same time. 

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