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Adult Studio: Polaroid Transfer

Adult Studio: Polaroid Transfer


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Join us for a Polaroid transfer workshop lead by local artist Cameron Davis. Attendees will learn the essential timelines, tools, and techniques for creating successful Polaroid transfers. The workshop begins with a guided photo walk around downtown where participants will take their polaroid pictures, followed by a tour of the “Shifting Perceptions” exhibition, a lunch break, and concludes with a hands-on practical session. This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

IMPORTANT: Please bring your own camera and film; other materials will be provided. This workshop is compatible only with Polaroid cameras that use I-Type, 600, or SX-70 film. Fuji film or any other instant film is not supported.

Available: The Asheville Art Museum is working to increase accessibility for underrepresented communities, addressing historical inequities in art institutions. The Asheville Art Museum will award two BIPOC scholarships for the Adult Studio. To apply, click here.

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