Beyond The Bungalow

Beyond The Bungalow

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Beyond the Bungalow, the newest book from renowned designer and Arts & Crafts expert Paul Duchscherer, celebrates the larger members of the Arts & Crafts family, and pays tribute to their remarkable artistic beauty, craftsmanship, and diversity of style.

Widely acclaimed as America's favorite "Arts & Crafts Home," the term bungalow may bring a specific image to mind, but it really is one part of a much larger family. This extended family also includes an entire genre of larger-scale Craftsman-period homes, much like those created by architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene.

Beyond the Bungalow includes popular architectural styles like Swiss Chalet, Mission, Spanish Colonial Revival, Tudor, and more. These homes comprise a range of style infusions and crossover influences; the sheer scope in variety of shapes and sizes represented among these larger homes entirely surpasses the widest range of the bungalow. Beyond the Bungalow also features a list of must-see museums and homes, and a list of current related periodicals for further study.

With beautiful period interior photography, Duchsherer's newest book is not just an excellent resource, but is an endless inspiration for Arts & Crafts enthusiasts.