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Far From the Centers of Ambition


Black Mountain College, poets, philosophers, scientists and painters such as Robert Duncan, Buckminster Fuller, Merce Cunningham, John Cage and Josef Albers engaged in a vast experiment whose widespread results are still felt around the world today. Lenoir-Rhyne University’s 2008 Spirit of Black Mountain College was the country’s only major acknowledgment of the 1933 opening of Black Mountain College. While remnants of the Spirit of BMC celebration can still be found on-line, Far from the Centers of Ambition keeps a tribute to the College alive in print. 

The poetry and art of  Ted Pope collected in Varve emerges directly from his inspired BMC celebration installation, The Black Mountains of Mars. Pope, of Morganton, NC is often cited as embodying both the avant-garde and Appalachian, the disruptive and down-to-earth, energies which we have come to associate with the vast array of BMC artists.


Book set of 2 by: Ted Pope

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