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Earth Magick Tarot Guide Book by Daniel Martin Diaz

Guide Book for Earth Magick: Hermetic Prophecies 

•22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana Tarot Card Interpretations & Illustrations
Words by Mariia Snebjørk Damkjær / Art by Daniel Martin Diaz
•Edited by Jocelyn Hoppa
•5"x6" Soft Cover Book, 200GSM Art Cover Stock, Soft Touch Matte Finish
•182 Pages
•Full Color Printing
•First printing Fall of 2022
ISBN: 978-1-7923-9950-3

The Earth Magick guidebook features tarot deck art by Visionary Daniel Martin Diaz, with words by tarot reader, writer, and multi-creative entrepreneur ​​Mariia Snebjørk Damkjær who resides in Denmark. Mariia’s readings are based on classic tarot interpretations (Waite) mixed with her inherent knack for sharp intuition. In this guidebook, each tarot card gets its own individual spread featuring Mariia’s beautifully intuitive interpretations of the art found within. Her words and guidance come with plenty of candid insight, straightforward tough love and deliciously cryptic commentary, with a lot of love and support for the process and the metaphysical traveler. She aims to uphold the seeker on their journey, always driving us to evolve and grow, as well as explore our individual intuitive interpretations of the cards. Her intention is to respect the tradition while making it relevant to the modern seeker of esoteric guidance. 

Tarot Deck sold separately. 

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