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Eco-Printing Kit by Kristin Arzt


Experience the magic of nature with our Eco-printing Kit. This all-in-one kit allows you to create stunning textiles adorned with beautiful floral and leaf prints. Perfect for eco-conscious creatives, this natural dye kit offers a sustainable way to add vibrant colors to your fabrics.

The kit includes a pre-treated cotton bandana, along with an assortment of pressed flowers such as cosmos and coreopsis. You'll also find an array of pressed leaves including sumac, walnut, and smokebush. With these botanical treasures, you can design unique patterns that reflect the beauty of the natural world.

To guide you on your eco-printing journey, we've included an eBook that provides step-by-step instructions on pretreating your fibers at home. Discover the secrets of infusing leaf prints onto fabric using iron metal salts and a copper pipe.

Unleash your inner artist and create wearable works of art with our Eco-printing Kit.

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