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Emeralds Limited Edition by Adam Void

Emeralds Limited Edition by Adam Void


A personal collection of ambient sounds across the lower portion of the Republic of Ireland. Recorded in May of 2023, with a handheld recorder and then mixed together into a five-minute, fifty five second capturing of soundscape life lines. There are sounds of roadside sheep, old cars, school girls, blowing wind, street performers, strange birds, seaside waves, barking dogs, and more baby sheep. 

As much an art piece as it is a sound recording, Emeralds is intended to transport the listener. There is a ten page booklet / zine of enlarged polaroids from the travels. Each record is hand cut by lathe freak, Funky Frankenstein Records in Murfreesboro, TN, and each cover is individually colored by the artist. Limited Edition stuff, right here.

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