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Ennead: Wiliam J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park

Ennead: Wiliam J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park


This is one in a series of books, each of which tells the story of a single building.  It is our hope that as these little books accumulate alongside our body of work, they, in their aggregate, will form a profile of our design intentions. - Ennead Architects

How does on define an architecture of democracy, or interpret such an abstract idea or value in built form?  From the very beginning, President Clinton's mandate to us was that his presidential library be open, inviting, grand, accessible and democratic.  Ancient and modern precedents are legion, sharing clear geometry, platonic form, rational thought and clarity of expression.  Countless buildings invoke the classical language of Greece and Rome - porticoes, pediments, domes and colonnades - to express the public identities and democratic ideals of cultural, educational and  governmental institutions; modern examples such as Chandigarh, Dacca, and Brasilia employ forms that bespeak the monumentality and gravity of the idea of democracy.  All testify to the associative power of architecture

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