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Ennead: New York Hall of Science

Ennead: New York Hall of Science


This is one in a series of books, each of which tells the story of a single building.  It is our hope that as these books accumulate alongside our body of work, they, in their aggregate, will form a profile of our design intentions.  - Ennead Architects

Art and science have often been portrayed as divergent - one personal and intuitive, the other universal and empirical.  The dialogue between art and science is a study in extremes.  Or is it?  Science can definitively explain the gravity-motivated response of a falling brick.  To see the potential of the same brick when it is laid up in a wall, bathed in early morning light, warm red color framing a lone window, is the challenge of the architect.  An early morning moment must be imagined and a complex equation of architectural choices made that eventually defines that beautiful wall.  This is not so unlike science as it maps the variables of mass and distance into the definition of a falling brick.  While one process depends upon a personal strain of choices, the other a string of mathematical facts, conscious reasoning is common to both.  The knowledge that there is reason behind them a science illuminates our perception.

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