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Helen Frankenthaler: Radical Beauty

Helen Frankenthaler: Radical Beauty


With a career that spanned six decades, Helen Frankenthaler (1928–2011) is recognized as eminent among the second generation of American Abstract Expressionist artists of the post-war era. She experimented tirelessly throughout her six-decade long career, producing a large body of work across multiple mediums. Marking the 10th anniversary of the artist's death and published to coincide with the major exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery, this book shines a light on the artist's ground-breaking woodcuts and reveals Frankenthaler as a trailblazer of the printmaking movement who endlessly pushed possibilities through her experimentation.

  • Features 36 woodcuts by Helen Frankenthaler
  • Essay by Jane Findlay
  • Includes the text, The Romance of Learning a New Medium for an Artist, by Helen Frankenthaler. First published in The Print Collector's Newsletter, July-August 1977

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