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Keltie Ferris >>A>Decade

This long-awaited publication is the first major monograph and career retrospective for the celebrated Kentucky-born, Brooklyn-based painter Keltie Ferris (born 1977). Known for his large-scale, energetic, brightly chromatic abstract canvases layered with spray paint and hand-painted geometric fields, Ferris makes staunchly analog paintings that draw inspiration from a range of subjects, from the broken-up pixelation of digital images and rubbed-out graffiti on New York streets to the glimmering city lights visible from his Brooklyn studio at night. He has commented that “bedazzled energy and bright artificial light” are prevalent inspirations for his compositional sensibility, which joyfully deploy “painting’s full arsenal.” This catalog explores the past 10 years of Ferris' career, examining his style and technique in a beautifully bound and visually stimulating volume.

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