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Ken Sedberry Lidded Pot


 A word from the artist:

"I chose, a long time ago, to finish most of my work in the wood burning kiln. This process is more common in Eastern pottery tradition than Western. Unlike firing in a gas or electric kiln, firing in a wood kiln is a process that demands constant attention. It requires gradually bringing the heat to approximately 2300 degrees.

I love the process of stoking the firebox. There’s a connection there. You stay right with it from beginning to end. Wood firing means allowing this process to take some part in the aesthetics of the work. The variables are infinite and one gives in to chance. There are two to three months work in every firing and there are no guarantees. It’s continual risk. Wood fired pots are traditionally earthen colored, subdued, reserved and muted shades which are beautiful. My goal, however, has been to achieve color in wood firing - colors which combine with the conventional wood firing hues to create surfaces not unlike those found in nature’s wildest fauna, flora and oceans!"

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