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Let's Go To the Museum: A Modern Art Adventure Maze


Join a dad and his child for an interactive visit through the art museum. The guided tour turns into an incredible maze adventure as you go through each room you will find recognizable artists and art styles.

From Monet to Hockney and Klee and Warhol, each lift of the flap explores a new movement. But be aware, the art might come alive to become your tour guides. If you should get lost in the galleries, follow the mazes in order to find your way to the next room.

Readers will be immersed in the exciting and colorful scenes of the museum that can be explored by tracing the mazes on every double page. Jump-start your child’s learning of art history while having fun walking through this unique one-of-a-kind museum maze! It’s mind-bending, super-engaging, and highly visual fun for the entire family!

Luisa Vera

36 p. | 36 color images | HC

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