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May The Forest Outlive Us cassette by xor

May The Forest Outlive Us cassette by xor

Release number eight represents a slightly different direction for Ceremony of Seasons and its ongoing partnership with VISUALS Wine and the Ritual of Senses Wine Club. The elements that remain in place are a celebration of seasonal shifts, a sense of place (Asheville, NC, USA) and a deep spirit of collaboration. What changes is the format (cassette) and the overall complexity of the club package. We've focused in on a simple experiential pairing of music and wine.

The name VISUALS alludes to a mind altering trip. A psychedelic state where abstraction conjures otherworldly moments of introspection and at times, can reformat our psyche. The music we love is abstract and thought provoking. The mutated, aromatized, botanical wines VISUALS produces under its "Abstractions of Earth" series possess that same spirit.

Unlike simple grape based ferments, these aperitif style wines have the potential to be infused with a nearly infinite combination of sugars, fruits, spices, herbs, nuts, flowers, etc...and thus make an excellent canvas for collaboration. Now, the wines that pair with each release are produced with direct inspiration and input from the musician. This new approach allows for a deeper connection to be made between the elements of the pairing, and a richer experience is created in the process.


releases June 20, 2024

Recorded and Performed by Xor in 2023-2024
Mastered by Marcus Miller at HoloSuite Mastering
Photography by Tim Gormley
Graphic Design by Kortnie Breckels

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