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North Carolina Literary Review

North Carolina Literary Review


Exploring North Carolina’s Native American Literature

Postcards from Cherokee 
an essay by Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle 

Mountain Biking, Bottle Trees, and Black-eyed Peas: Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle’s Creative Nonfiction and other Writings 
by Mae Miller Claxton
art by Jody Bradley 

Not Either/Or, but Both:  
Cherokee and Appalachian Identity in Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle’s Even As We Breathe 

by Erica Abrams Locklear
art by Jody Bradley 

Imagining Otherwise,” Cherokee Futurism, and Riding the Trail of Tears:  An Interview with Blake Hausman 
by Miriam Brown Spiers and Kirstin L. Squint
art by Jody Bradley, John Henry Gloyne, and Rhiannon Skye Tafoya

Honoring Native Heritage through the New American Baroque in Gladys Cardiff’s A Bare Unpainted Table 
by Jill Goad
art by Joshua Adams, Jody Bradley, and Freeman Owle 

a poem by Mary Leauna Christensen
art by Rhiannon Skye Tafoya 

Harvest Time 
a poem by Tonya Holy Elk
art by Joan C. Blackwell 

The Politics of Recognition and the Power of Place in Lumbee Women’s Poetry  
by Jessica Cory
art by Gene Locklear, Gloria Tara Lowery, and Raven Dial-Stanley 

Coming Home: Affirming Community through Lumbee Children’s Literature 
Randall Kenan Prize essay by Jane Haladay
art by Bea Brayboy, Evynn Richardson, and Raven Dial-Stanley 

She Said That Saint Augustine is Worth Nothing Compared to Her HomelandTeresa Martín and the Méndez Cancio Account of La Tama (1600)
John Ehle Prize essay by Melissa D. Birkhofer and Paul M. Worley
art by Earl Robbins and Caroleen Sanders

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