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Potters' Skin Butter Unscented Lotion

Potters' Skin Butter Unscented Lotion


Our Unscented collection is designed for sensitive skin, sensitive noses, and work environments that are designated "scent-free." Our body lotion is a lighter version of the original Potters' Skin Butter. This residue-free formula is great for smoothing over arms and legs even during warm weather and exercise.

8 oz bottle with a convenient pump dispenser.

Made in Asheville. Plant-derived. Paraben-free preservative.

In 2004, hobby potter Cara Steinbuchel made the first batch of Potters’ Skin Butter in the ceramics studio of Mud Hunter, a shop that sold pottery made by Asheville and Western North Carolina artists. The owner, Mary Helen, asked Cara, who co-managed the store, to come up with a lotion that would help potters with dry skin. Cara's quest for the perfect lotion was also informed by witnessing her Mom, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and her Grandpa, a Wichita lineman and hobby mechanic, suffer from chronically dry skin from their professions. In essence, this lotion grew out of a desire to help potters and others with dry hands be able to continue the work they love. And it all started with a little nudge from Mary Helen and the Asheville pottery community.

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