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Pressed Flower Puzzle by Susan McChesney


Jigsaw Puzzle 500 pc

“I marvel at the unfurling of a petal, the opening of a blossom pod, a seed head flinging its bounty. The transformation has always sparked wonder in me, since being sent as a child of a farm to the garden to pick whatever was ready for supper that night. I find creative inspiration and joy in the flow of being from seed to blossom to artwork.

Layers of translucent colored pencils, chalk pastels on a gritty surface, watercolor in soft washes, pressed petals playing together:

All inspire me. 

Flowers, landscapes of color and texture, petals, bouquets, abstractions of all these things:

All are before me."

 -Susan McChesney

Puzzle Science: doing jigsaw puzzles reinforces connections between brain cells, Improves short term memory, and Improves thinking speed.

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