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Richard Jolley Cycle Of Life

Richard Jolley Cycle Of Life

The Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA) announces the publication of a new book celebrating Richard Jolley's "Cycle of Life: Within the Power of Dreams and the Wonder of Infinity," one of the world's largest figural glass installations. The hardbound, lavishly illustrated 144-page volume, entitled "Richard Jolley: Cycle of Life," features an introduction by KMA Executive Director David Butler, essays by KMA curator Stephen Wicks and outside scholars Lilly Wei, Robert C. Morgan, and J. Richard Gruber, and photographs by Hei Park and Elizabeth Felicia.

Unveiled in May 2014, Cycle of Life is a sculptural interpretation of life's journey crafted by Knoxville artist Richard Jolley from tons of steel and glass and extending more than 100 running feet. It is permanently installed in the KMA's Ann and Steve Bailey Hall. The seven-part narrative begins in a primordial forest of black-glass and crystal trees and climaxes in a vision of the cosmos represented by a cloud of colorful silver-glass speres dramatically suspended from the ceiling. The new book documents the design, fabrication, and installation of this staggering srtistic and engineering achievement and its significance for the history and growth of the KMA.

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