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“See America Whenever” - Softcover Book

“See America Whenever” - Softcover Book


"We are beyond excited to be releasing our new book, See America Whenever!

On September 15th 2023, we embarked, with our pug Rooster, on a roadtrip around the great and strange United States of America, staying with friends and family along the way. During this trip, Kristen made sketchbook entries, Luke journaled on a typewriter, he played a few concerts, we made piles of art, and took heaps of photographs. All of the photos in this book were taken on a Canon A-1 35mm camera by one of the two of us. We used a mix of CineStill 800t color film and Ilford 3200 Black and White film. We returned to Los Angeles on
October 8th. The film was developed at Digital Photo and Printing Studio in Glendale, California.

The first edition printing of this book consists of 300 softcover - 108 pages - $35"

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