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Up River

Up River


"Up River shows what it is like to go against the stream in a good cause. George Ivey gives us a fascinating story, filled with folks friendly and threatening, cheery and cranky. The subjects this fast-paced novel addresses are as important as they are plentiful. Everyone who has ever been a stranger in a new place will sympathize with Peter Bailey; everyone who has tried to beat long odds will cheer for him. And anyone who reads Up River will learn how perilous is the balance of nature-and human nature. Entrancing." - Fred Chappell, author of Brighten the Corner Where You Are

 "Ivey captures both the aspirations and real-world challenges facing conservationists. This book gives direction to the world's future change agents." - Phillip Ray Gibson, Environmental Leadership Center, Warren Wilson College; former French Broad Riverkeeper

 "Though the Akwanee [River] -- and the town of Walnut Flats -- are both fictional, Ivey's account of Peter Bailey's struggles to gain a foothold in this mountain community, to win the trust of some of its people, and to carry out his mission in regard to the river ring true as a bell. ...Up River offers us an excellent lesson in both the reasons we should care more for our rivers and our wilderness areas, and in the human difficulties that beset that caretaking. Highly recommended." - Jeff Minick, "Reading Room" Columnist, Smoky Mountain News (November 4, 2009)

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