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You Are Beautiful Many Ways To Say Stickers


You Are Beautiful began in 2002 as a sticker that spreads a hopeful message through public art. The goal? To be a positive force and transmit a simple idea: Everyone deserves to feel good with who they are. 

Soon they were shipping little stickers around the globe, in over one hundred languages. Since then, the project has actively combatted negativity by distributing millions of stickers and grown into large-scale, metal and wood installations, murals, as well as collaborations with many designers, students, and artists, worldwide. The community-based message always includes your voice, & we invite you to keep sharing hope with your world.

You Are Beautiful believes that each of us is unique & amazing, and that should be celebrated. You be you. 

20 completely different phrases in one pack: you are amazing, you are beautiful, you are brave, you are bright, you are brilliant, you are curious, you are enough, you are essential, you are gracious, you are hopeful, you are inspiring, you are loved, you are needed, you are original, you are perfect, you are present, you are ready, you are strong, you are unique, and you are worthy

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